Do you want to help shape the next Generation? Come join our team today!

Volunteer today to help shape a young life.  You can even sponsor to help bring a student to the U.S.

Schools- English Classes, High-School and Colleges that you wish to attend.

Are you looking to cultivating an exchange program in your school?  Are you a participant in the I-20 Visa Program?  If not, would you like to be? 

  • Becoming part of our program will allow your school to teach students, teachers and all about global diversity.  This cultural exchange allows individuals to grow in an ever changing environment to become part of a global impact for the future.
  • Brings in extra income to the school.
  • F1 students pay tuition to the school that issues their visa.

Students-Individuals who want to study in the US

Start your academic career by representing your country by joining us in the US. With the ability to create new friends and families with your new American Home and surrounding Community.

With this experience of a lifetime, your experiences can cultivate  and nuture your evolution to a bright and successful future. 

As we become more interdependent in our fast pace world, it becomes increasingly apparent that your child develop a global  connection both personally and professionally.

Not everyone has the opportunity to become an exchange student.  Your outlook has a new perspective in how you view your world. Your interactions can result in life-long ties with your American family and friends.  Your professional path is expanded through the international cultural exchange experienced in the U.S. by expanding your language skills, culture within your high school or college orientation.

If you are wanting this type of experience, we encourage you to apply now for an opportunity of a lifetime.  

Apply -To join our Team !

Do you want to help shape the next Generation? Come join our team today!

Volunteer today to help shape a young life.  You can even sponsor to help bring a student to the U.S.


Would  you like to have your daughter or son experience a global education?  Do you need assistance in doing so?  

Please contact us so that your child can get an experience of a lifetime.

Agency- Any exchange company that wishes to partner with us.

​Do you have an interest in working with International Study In US (ISU) to cultivate your students to enjoy a memorable experience in the US? 

As a joint effort, we can:

  • Create and build a partnerships with colleges and schools that have partnered with us.
  • Have efficient communication regarding any student prospects, I-20 and immigration processing, school application which will include any student records that are required.
  • Share our company, ISU 's information and programs with other potential U.S. high-schools and colleges to promote potential students who  would like to participate in our program.

Housing-If you need a place to stay- we have you covered!

The success of our program is due to our wonderful Host Families. You are a vital part of molding and creating the future leaders of the world. Our students can create a better tomorrow through the inter-personal relationships by the evolution of their newly founded language skills and cultural relationships that home stay can offer. By becoming a HOST Parent, you are inviting a new member of your household to share your life during his/her stay in the United States.

We WELCOME Host Families!

 Once you join our family, a student will be assigned to your household. We will guide you throughout the hosting experience.

  1. Our Local Agents will offer continuous communication throughout your HOST Parenting time.
  2. We may run or investigate a Background Check for you or your family (HOST FAMILY). Local Agents will visit the home to monitor any questions that may arise during the time that you are hosting for either the parent or student. 
  3. We offer parent/student orientations for  both to assist on how to get along with each other and to communicate with each other in America.
  4. We also conduct host family orientations to offer guidance on how to live and communicate with international students.


What is a Local Agent?
A local Agent coordinates any necessary involvement between the schools and families in any given area.  The communication starts with the coordination of the student's arrival until they leave to go home or to progress to a College.  A successful Agent is helpful to teach American culture to the international students. (This can be a part-time or full-time position).

​What are the responsibilities?

  • Nurture, create and develop relationships  with their local high schools or colleges.
  • Promote our company in a positive way that allows the success of future partners in a School, Agent or Host capacity. 
  • Interview and preview potential HOST families in order to coordinate a viable match between the potential HOST Parent and Student.
  • Continue  either daily or weekly contact with students, HOST Parents or schools throughout the year as necessary.
  • Help assist in case of a student emergency.

What benefits do I receive?

  • Working as an Independent Contractor, you are able to receive compensation for each student that you contract with or are assigned.
  • Travel expenses for home and school visits commensurate with your job assignments.
  • Training workshops